Recipe: AIP Pumpkin Pie Bars
I know; it's not fall. But really, isn't any time of year the right time for AIP pumpkin pie bars? If you're a fan of pumpkin flavor, this healthy pumpkin pie bars recipe is going to become your fast favorite. It's not going to take you hours of work in the kitchen over a hot […]
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Recipe: Cauliflower Rice Mushroom Risotto
I'm back with another fantastic recipe for you: cauliflower rice mushroom risotto. Now, this is not your traditional risotto, which is made with arborio rice. Instead, it has an AIP compliant recipe twist. A healthier mushroom risotto means that you can enjoy a delicious meal without feeling like you've done your body a disservice. You'll
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Recipe: Ground Turkey Shepherd's Pie
I'm excited to share another recipe with everyone: shepherd's pie with ground turkey! It's a great choice for dinner, and pretty simple to make. Shepherd's pie is a classic dish from England. It's also commonly referred to as cottage pie, though there are slight differences in the original recipes for each. So if you've had […]
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Recipe: AIP Butternut Squash Soup
When it gets cold outside, soup is what you want to have on your dinner menu! Or lunch...or maybe even breakfast... ...and who wouldn't enjoy a quick, simple, hearty butternut squash soup? Most of us are pretty pressed for time in this busy, chaotic, and stressful modern world we live in. So, I thought it […]
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The Truth About Stress
So, what are the signs that stress is taking a toll on your health? Here are a few symptoms you might notice:  ❌  Getting sick more often than usual ❌  Digestive upset ❌  A leaky gut ❌  Inflammation ❌  Brain fog ❌  Anxiety ❌  Depression ❌  Weight gain or weight loss Want to know what […]
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Intermittent Fasting
It might sound daunting to you. If you've got blood sugar issues, you may not be able to start at those windows. You might only be only able to do 12 hours of fasting. Do not push yourself to the point of discomfort.  If you start to feel shaky or nauseous, that's a problem and […]
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My Top 4 Tips to Change America's Health
People come to me all the time and says, "What are some simple switches I can make?"  I have four principles that I inform these people about.    1. Fats Get rid of the bad, inflammatory fats like vegetable oil, corn oil, canola oil, trans fats, and margarines. They are rancid and cause dysfunction and […]
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What to Do About Low Energy
Today, I want to discuss one of my all-time favorite subjects. It probably affects you, or someone you love.  It's low energy.  So many of my clients want to know, "Why am I suffering from low energy?" "Is there a way to get my energy back?" "Why don't I have any energy?"  It's rare that […]
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Weight Loss Resistance
So let's talk a little bit about that. The typical person that we see is a female who is experiencing health problems, most often tied to thyroid health. They have become hormone resistant.  The hormones in the body that help burn fat, such as T3, the active thyroid hormone, and leptin, which is the master […]
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Your Microbiome and Overall Health
Let's start by defining a few things. In our gut, we have this internal environment that is made up of what we would call "good bacteria," and "bad bacteria." A balance between the two is integral to our health. We're finding out so much more about how the health of our gut is related to […]
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