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The simple 5 step plan to increase your cellular energy so that you can go all day and more importantly so that your body has enough energy to activate its unrivalled, natural healing process
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I could barely get the mail; now I walk miles. I reversed my diabetes A1C from 8.5 to 5.2, and my kidney disease from Stage 3 to Stage 1. I dropped 100 pounds, while also going from dozens of medications to three.
Donna W. Cellular Health Accelerator Student

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From the desk of Dr. Bill Cole

You may notice as you go through this website that it’s built differently than other websites. I didn’t want a pretty looking website simply to have a pretty website. I built this so that if you spent a little time going through it… you would have a new hope and a new perspective as to how you can approach improving your health and know what is actually possible for you in your current state and I built it so that you would have clear actions steps to take by the end of it.

With that said over the next few moments I’m going to share with you how you can (pretty easily, although effort is required) go from exhausted to energized, so that you can get through the day! More importantly though so that your body will have the energy it needs to heal itself regardless of your age, genetics or current situation.

Make no mistake that is exactly what your body was designed to do (Survive and heal itself which I’ll prove to you in just a minute)… However, that healing requires energy… and lots of it!

And that energy comes from the CELLS of your body. The Mitochondria inside of every cell of your body takes the food and drink (and other things) that you consume and turns it into what’s called ATP (which is your energy).

So now we know 2 things to be true here

1 being that if you have an energy problem you really in fact have a CELL problem.

And 2... if you don't have the energy you need to easily get through your day… your body will NOT have the energy it needs to HEAL.

Which is why you can be doing so many good things for your body like changing your diet, exercising, taking supplements and medication but still feel like you're just spinning your wheels with little to no improvement/progress at all.

Needless to say that is an incredibly frustrating situation to be in for the rest of your life!

So I’m going to pull back the curtain and show you all of the things your doctor doesn’t tell you about the health of your cells and how I learned this the hard way + I’m going to share with you what YOU can do about it!

But first, as to not waste anyone’s time I want to go over a few things.

Who is this information for?
Anyone who is sick and tired of not being well, suffering from low energy, brain fog, sleep trouble, bloating, constipation/diarrhea, weight gain, weight loss resistance, weak hair/skin/nails, stress, anxiety, overwhelming feelings, lack of motivation, no vibrancy, chronic pain, and other symptoms
People who are trying to do good things to improve their health -- but are still struggling to put all the pieces together.
Who this won't ever work for
Anyone who just wants to cover up their symptoms
Anyone who has the problems listed before but still considers themselves healthy
Anyone who isn’t willing to learn something new
Anyone who isn’t willing to learn how to apply the tactics that work in a way that works for them (That’s a BIG one)
Anyone who doesn’t want help
Anyone who wants a shortcut
Anyone who is stuck in a limited or negative mindset
Anyone who is an Information gatherer (a.k.a. not action takers)
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Get to Know Dr. Bill Cole

Dr. Bill Cole is leading the cellular health revolution, with his focus on energy, hormone, microbiome, gut, thyroid, brain health, and longevity. His mantra is: fix the cells to get, feel, and age well. He believes that the food we consume and the environment we live in are both the cause and the cure for virtually all of the autoimmune, chronic, and seemingly unexplainable health issues our world is plagued with today. He is the founder of Key Cellular Nutrition and creator of the Cellular Health Accelerator program which is one of the largest online group health coaching programs of its kind. He has teamed up with two other natural health powerhouses, Dr. Will Cole (his son, Leading Functional Medicine Expert, NY Times Best Selling Author, and sought after speaker) and Dr. Daniel Pompa (Leading Cellular Health Expert, best selling author, and highly sought after speaker) to form Cell Health Co. and the Cellular Hair Repair program. Dr Bill Cole is a regular health expert contributor on several health mediums and has been featured on ABC, CBS, FOX, Amazon Prime TV, and Muscle & Fitness Magazine. As a leading expert in the field of functional medicine and cellular healing, he’s proud to have served many thousands of people over the years.

He Knows What It’s Like to Lose His Health

Years ago, he was struggling himself. Hormone issues left him feeling constantly exhausted, with chronic brain fog, gut issues, and irritability, unable to adapt to stress and feeling terrible overall. His liver enzymes, blood sugar, and blood pressure were elevated and he tried everything to lower them, but nothing made a difference. Convinced there had to be something out there that he was missing, he began his search for a solution. He finally discovered all his problems were traceable to something gone wrong at the cell level of his body and to get, feel, and ultimately age well, he was going to have to fix his cells.

Within just a matter of days addressing his body at a cellular level, he experienced incredible transformations in his well-being. He found his new mission — he wanted to help others in the same way. Since that time, he’s helped thousands of people all around the world. He knows that if you’re feeling sick and stuck, there’s a way for you to get on the path to healing and getting more out of life.

Having True Health Is Transformational

True health isn’t just about the way you feel. It’s when the cells of your body function the way God designed them to function. This is not just about eating more fruits and vegetables or taking a shelf full of supplements; it’s about much more than that. It takes a full-spectrum, multi-pronged approach. He’s not perfect, but he tries to eat a whole food diet, get enough sleep, exercise regularly, avoid toxins, and manage his stress. This has enabled him to feel full of energy to do all the things he loves, like weightlifting, being outdoors, and playing golf. He’s now able to enjoy being present with his family, which includes his wife of almost 40 years, their 4 children, and 11 grandchildren.

Beyond that, why should you listen to me?


Years of experience

250 Private clients a month


Social Media Followers

Spoken to thousands

On stages all across the country

Also, coach other doctors

On how to do this with their patients
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Here are just a few of my private clients sharing their results.

Please note that I am not saying you will get the same results as them or any results at all for that matter. They took action and put in the work it took to get what they wanted.
So, How Did They All Do It?

To answer that question we first have to answer this next question...

What is the smallest living part of us? 

THE CELL: Your whole body is made entirely of cells.
Blood cells, bone cells, brain cells, gut cells, hair cells, skin cells, etc.
Even your microbiome is made entirely of single-celled organisms.
They are YOUR building blocks.
They are YOUR foundation.
They are where EVERY human function takes place.

If the foundation is bad, can the structure be good?

My goal is to get you to understand 2 key things here.

Key 1:

To Get & Feel Well, You Have To Fix Your Cells (Your Foundation) First.

Key 2:

Virtually Anyone Can Fix Their Cells And Feel Well (If not well, a lot better) If They Are Willing To Do 3 Simple Things (Regardless of age or genetics).
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If it could be expected that all scientists in the world agreed on a single fact, I believe they would agree on this, ‘Life begins, is maintained and ends at the cellular level.’ The health of single cells holds the key to the health of the whole organism. Why is this? Because single cells clump together to form tissues and tissues cluster to form organs. Thus, to keep individual cells healthy is to experience health in the whole body. In reverse, when individual cells become unhealthy, tissues can become unhealthy, and if unchecked, disease can result in the death of the whole person.
Dr. Mary Ruth Swope

Now we know

Life and health begins and is maintained at the cell level.
All symptoms and/or disease that you’re suffering from right now is traceable back To The Cell Level Of The Body.
In order to get and feel well… You have to fix the cells.
So how do you do that!?

You Have To Know The Causes Of Cell Damage and Inflammation. So what are they?

Stress: Causes premature aging and leads to inflammation. Also raises cortisol which leads to more cell damage and fat storage. 

Poor Sleep: More raising of cortisol levels causes more fat storage and more inflammation.

Toxic Diet: Causes inflammation in the gut which leads to leaky gut, which causes digestive issues, autoimmune conditions and more.

Toxic Environment: Causes inflammation in the gut and brain, which ultimately triggers disease.

How Many Of You…?

Have stress in your life?

Have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep?

Don’t get enough sleep?

Eat foods you know you shouldn't?

Have ever been around toxic chemicals (beauty products, cleaning products, pollution, etc.)?

Do You Think Your Cells Might Be Damaged?

There is a little known test that shows you in minutes just how damaged your cells are.

It’s more than 50X more accurate than a blood test.

You’ll have an opportunity to get one for free here shortly so keep going.
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but first

I want you to know there is hope and in just a few moments you're going to see exactly what all the people in those testimonials that I shared earlier did to get those results.

If life & health begins and ends at the cell level of the body…
And all symptoms and disease can be traced back to the cell level of the body…
Then to get well, you have to fix your cells.
More specifically, we have to fix
The cells of your body
The cells of your gut (which doctors refer to as “our second brain”)
The cells of your brain
Our microbiome

The Results You Can Get When You Do Fix Your Cells

Because your brain, your gut, your thyroid -- and everything else inside of you and outside are ALL cells… when you fix the cells, you can experience...
Greater energy
Improved brain function
Better mood
Better sleep
Freedom from pain
Weight loss
Improved thyroid function
Improved gut function
Peace and calmness
A happy gut
Younger-looking skin
And much more

So let's recap

- Our cells are our building blocks/foundation
- Life and health begins and ends at the cell level
- Over time, stress, poor sleep, bad diet and a toxic environment damage and inflame our cells
- Cellular damage and inflammation triggers symptoms and disease
- To get well and feel well, you have to fix the cells-
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How do we fix our cells?

We know we can't avoid stress all the time or control our sleep especially when poor health is the cause of poor sleep and we can’t always eat perfectly or avoid the toxins in our environment… So what can you possibly do?

That’s a great question… I’m glad you asked.

There are the three simple steps:
1. You have to be willing and able to find what the cells of YOUR body need & love.
2. You have to be willing and able to find what the cells of YOUR body hate.
3. You have to be willing to do more of what the cells of YOUR body need and love, and less of what they hate.

Sound too good to be true? Too elementary?

I’ll prove it to you. As a human being, your body was designed to survive and heal but you have to do your part by supporting your cells.

Here’s the proof:

  • What happens if you get a cold or flu?
  • Your immune system instantly goes to work to heal you
  • What do you do to help it heal?
  • You rest, get comfortable, drink water, eat healing foods, take vitamin C and sometimes even take medication…
  • You also avoid strenuous activity and other sick people
  • In other words, you give your cells more of what they need and less of what they hate so that your body can heal and survive.

More proof:

  • What happens if you break a bone?
  • Again, your immune system instantly goes to work to heal you
  • What do you do to help it heal?
  • You rest, get comfortable, drink water, eat healing foods and take supporting supplements
  • You also avoid the strenuous activity that CAUSED the break in the first place and other strenuous or dangerous activities until your body has healed itself
  • In other words, you give your cells more of what they need and less of what they hate so that your body can heal and survive

Want even more?

  • What happens if you get an infection?
  • Again your immune system instantly goes to work to heal you
  • What do you do to help it heal?
  • You rest, get comfortable, drink water, eat healing foods, take supporting supplements and take medication
  • You also avoid whatever action or activity CAUSED the infection in the first place
  • In other words, you give your cells more of what they need and less of what they hate so that your body can heal and survive

Good news for you

Recently, more advances were made

We figured out that if you’re able to find what your cells love and hate

You can apply the tactics that work in a specific way that actually works for YOU…

And when you do that major health problems can be reversed and/or avoided.
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What if you don't have a diagnosis?

The fact remains that if you find what the cells of YOUR body need and love and less of what they hate…

And give them more of what they love and less of what they hate… 

The cells of your body will heal, and the foods, supplements and medications you consume will better get into your cells

Your cells will be able to do their job, which is to keep you feeling and functioning at your best!

How do we do these three things?

You have to be willing to unlearn some things.
Meaning that in previous years we had some things COMPLETELY wrong when it comes to health and wellness based off of the information we had at the time.
You have to be willing to re-learn some things
Meaning that we had some things PARTIALLY wrong when it comes to health and wellness based off of the information we had at the time.
You have to be willing to learn some new things
Meaning that there were some things WE DIDN’T KNOW THAT WE DIDN’T KNOW about health and wellness based off of the information we had at the time.

What needs to be unlearned?

Aging does NOT doom us.
It’s our cellular health/age that really matters (telomeres)
Genetics do NOT doom us
Our genetics control about 10% of our health.
Our environment and lifestyle control the other 90%
Environment: What town we live in, our home, work, friends, family
Lifestyle: diet, supplements, exercise, medication
You can turn genes on and off (epigenetics)

What do we need to learn?

Managing health is not the best we can do

It’s important to take medication sometimes to help manage our problems before they get worse

But medications aren’t made to address the reasons WHY the problem showed up in the first place

If you don’t stop what broke your leg in the first place… will your leg be able to heal?

So if you don’t stop what “broke” your body in the first place… will your body ever be able to heal?

The Problem with going it alone

It can be very complicated. Do not make the mistake of thinking that if you just eat better, take some random suggested supplements and keep taking your medication all will be well.

There’s so much bad information out there and they want you to think that all you need is this diet or that pill or this program… but it’s simply not true.

Takes a lot of time to figure out what you can trust and what you can’t trust. And again, what is good for some is not good for others.

There is lots of trial and error trying to put all of the pieces together which is expensive. It’s virtually impossible to stick to anything when you’re not seeing results. It’s the number 1 reason people quit (That’s a fact).

You have to figure out how to adjust when you hit a roadblock or plateau and make the wrong adjustment and you can end up worse off than before you started.

Lots of time and money are wasted on things that don’t work.

The Solution

You find someone to help you do it, then be willing to listen and do what they tell you to do.

Understand that the information that is going to get you from where you are now to where you want to be is going to be something different and sometimes even counterintuitive!

Otherwise, you would already be where you want to be.

So when someone who has been where you are now, is now where you want to be and has helped others do the same thing tells you how to do something… 

Don’t ignore it or roll your eyes and disregard it simply because you don’t instantly connect with the idea. Don’t do that!

That’s what people who never move forward do.

A good coach is counterintuitive! If they can’t tell you something different they can’t help you move any further forward than you already are.

Who can help you do this?

This may seem self serving but it’s not… I believe I’m the best person to help you.

Why? Because I did this for myself.

And since then, I have helped thousands of my private clients do the same. I don’t know of another single doctor who has worked with more people on this than myself and believe me I’ve looked (frequently).
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You Might Be Thinking...

“If this is so great… How come everyone isn’t doing this?”
We all know that not smoking cigarettes is good for you… but people still smoke.

We all know that eating healthy is good for you… but not everyone eats healthy.

We all know that exercise is good for you… but not everyone exercises.


We all have beliefs based off of our past experiences that either:
EMPOWERS us to take action! Or LIMITS us and stops us from taking action…

And if our limiting beliefs are stronger than our empowering beliefs, we stay stuck.

My goal today and every day is to empower you with the information you need to break free from those limiting beliefs and take action to reclaim your health and your life!

Because I know that if you do

You’ll see fast results!
And when you build momentum, it boosts your motivation!
And when you get fast wins, you build momentum!
And the fast wins, forward momentum and motivation is what will carry you through the finish line!
And that’s how you FIX THE CELL and get well!

This is not about perfection

It’s about making progress.

I have helped thousands of men and women just like you improve their health and not a single one has ever been perfect.

If Nancy and our other success stories can do it, you can do it.

And if you’ve ever failed in the past, it’s not your fault.

You just need someone that actually sets you up for success.

And gets you those quick wins to help you build your momentum and keep your motivation where it needs to be to carry you through.

It doesn't matter if...

You’re busy or always on the road…
There are ways I can show you how to get better from virtually anywhere.

Now is the time!

There is never a perfect time to do anything…

At the beginning of the year, we make goals and say that this is going to be our year, but what happens?

Life gets in the way!

NOW is the time to take action and get the results you’ve been searching and praying for.

The ones that win are the ones that take action. Plain and simple.

if you want my help...

I want to introduce you to the Cellular Health Accelerator.

Go from exhausted to energized so that you can get through the day, and more importantly so that your body has the energy it needs to heal itself! ...
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