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AIP Chicken Soup
Is there any weather that isn't soup weather? Okay, maybe when the thermometer starts to climb above 75-80. In my opinion, though, this AIP chicken soup is a great choice any time of year. Chicken soup is the ultimate comfort food. It's tasty whether you're sick or feeling fine. This AIP recipe puts a spin […]
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Delicious AIP Paleo Donuts
There are a lot of foods a person can miss when they turn toward a healthier style of eating. I personally get cravings for pizza every now and again. I can't tell you how many people have told me that what they miss the most is donuts. I want to help you satisfy your cravings […]
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AIP Clam Chowder
I think anytime of year is the right time for a good soup. This AIP clam chowder is filling, creamy, and packed with a punch of great nutrients. Some soups can leave you feeling a little wanting, as if you're wondering where the next course is. But with this AIP clam chowder, you'll be full […]
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Recipe: Chicken Drumstick Sheet Pan Dinner
Whether you're a person who enjoys spending time in the kitchen...or goes into rapid speed mode to get the cooking done...who wouldn't want a quick, easy meal? That's just what this chicken drumstick sheet pan dinner is. Though I've used drumsticks for my chicken sheet pan recipe, you can switch that up to your preferences. […]
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Recipe: AIP Stew
Who doesn't like a good stew recipe? Stew is like the marriage of a casserole and a soup. It's hearty, filling, and always makes the house smell great. The AIP stew recipe I have for you today is great because of its versatility. You can actually use any meat you'd like. In this one, I've made […]
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Recipe: Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash
Looking for an easy breakfast idea? This sweet potato breakfast hash will be perfect. Whenever a student asks me or our health coaches what they should eat for breakfast, we often tell them: a sweet potato hash. It's easy, full of healthy fats and protein, and has an extra punch of nutrients from vegetables. A […]
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Recipe: Gluten-Free Apple Crumble Muffins
Here's a recipe that is going to taste great any time of day: gluten-free apple crumble muffins.   This recipe is perfect if you have company over and want to serve them a little treat. Want to turn it into a dessert? Serve these apple crumble muffins with some whipped coconut cream to make them […]
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Recipe: Pumpkin Soup With Sausage
Need a warming dish that won't involve cooking all day? This pumpkin soup with sausage is a great choice. It's packed with nutrients (including spinach that gives the soup more texture and makes it even healthier), has plenty of protein, and is incredibly filling.   The sausage can even be omitted to become a vegetarian […]
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Recipe: Blueberry AIP-Paleo Breakfast Bars
When people make a lifestyle change that involves their eating habits, they often struggle with what to make for breakfast. That's what today's recipe is all about. It is for blueberry AIP Paleo breakfast bars that are meant to simplify your morning. I get why breakfast is tough; the Standard American Diet (let me mention, […]
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Recipe: AIP Pumpkin Pie Bars
I know; it's not fall. But really, isn't any time of year the right time for AIP pumpkin pie bars? If you're a fan of pumpkin flavor, this healthy pumpkin pie bars recipe is going to become your fast favorite. It's not going to take you hours of work in the kitchen over a hot […]
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