Meet Our Team

To be the company our customers want us to be, it takes an eclectic group passionate about the customer experience. Get to know the people leading the way at Dr. Bill Cole.

Dr. Bill Cole

Founder & Director

Health & Wellness Coaches

Lifestyle + Fitness Experts

Jennifer O.

Kristi B.

Tania G.

Annie J.

Allie W.

Taylor D.

Christian A.


Mindset + Success Experts

Stephanie M.

Dr. My T.

Stevi H.

Natalie S.

Nutrition + Supplement Experts

Sarah N.

Andrea D.

Dr. Jennifer D.

Andrea M.

Amanda R.

Amber H.

Cevie T.

Sarah G.

Jessica R.

Mandy N.

Jenna H.

Ally B.

Sherri M.

Success Coach + Support Team

Julie F.

Jessica L.

Jade B.

Sian L.

Marissa J.

Sarah R.

Joline W.

Tamara A.

Kim P.

Ruby S.

Katey C.

Jenica J.

Glori C.

Teri L.

Jennie L.

Cellular Health Consultants

Phillip B.

Daniela M.

Stephen M.

Amanda H.

Laura M.

Rodney A.

Nick G.

Aaron M.

Kacie E.

Jacqueline M.

James S.

Danielle M.

Dave S.

Executive & Office Team

Ryan C.


Richard B.


Louis Jordan C.


Samuel S.


Ashley S.


Rachel C.


Felisha B.

Executive Assistant

Jamie B.

Health Team Director

Robyn M.

Success Coach Director

Sarah R.

Marketing Director

Jamie K.

Fulfillment Manager

Marc M.

Cellular Health Consultant Director

Dave R.

Office Financing Manager

Jessica T.

Executive Assistant

Rita K.

Office Administrator

Sarah S.

Administrative Support

Austin S.

Student Engagement Specialist

Drew K.

Tech Support & Booking Coordinator

Tiffani J.

Data Entry Clerks

Jasmine K.

Office Administrator
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