The Real Health Benefits of Coffee

August 26, 2021

So many people are looking for healthier breakfast ideas, right? And most people LOVE their coffee, but wonder if coffee is healthy or not.

We've always been telling people that drinking coffee is not that great for you, and there is some truth in that, mostly because of it's the way the coffee is prepared. It's not necessarily about caffeine intake, as you might think. 

About 90% of the coffees out there are not organic, and because they are so heavily ridden with pesticides and herbicides, they're not the best choice for people. Then, the way the coffee is roasted is not that great, either. It can cause the creation of some toxic compounds that you don't want to be putting in your body.

But, there are companies out there like Purity Coffee. I want you to check out their website at

I have no affiliation with them; they don't know who I am. We just have been recommending them because the people at Purity are really paying attention to not only the quality of their organic coffee beans, but they also test their batches in three facilities around the world. They're really fastidious in terms of how they prepare the coffee, and that sets them apart from so many other coffee manufacturers.  

Purity coffee beans are roasted in such a way that they raise the antioxidant level of the beans, which is already quite rich in coffee. And their particular process decreases the toxic compounds that can come from roasting coffee the wrong way.

Brands like Purity Coffee are really turning coffee into a health food. The research, I believe, backs that up. Check out their site, where they have information on all that, so you can read about the details of what sets them apart. 

Make Coffee a Healthy Start to Your Day

So if you love your coffee and you're looking for something for breakfast, you can make coffee your first meal of the day. 

The way you do that is by adding certain healthy oils. I would encourage you to go online and look up bulletproof coffee recipes, which add healthy fat to your coffee. Look, we talk about this a lot in the Cellular Health Accelerator program.

Healthy fat is the biggest missing ingredient in the typical American's lives. We've been brainwashed into believing that fat is not healthy for you. Saturated fat, like in coconut oil in particular, we've been told is bad for us.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

You have to make a distinction between bad fats and good fats, for sure. When you drink coffee with these added fats in them, you are really boosting the nutritional value of that as a drink, and it can be your breakfast. It can be all you have for breakfast. Especially for those of you that are trying to cut your carbs, it can be a great breakfast.

But is coffee healthy? Good question. 

How to Boost Your Cup of Coffee's Nutritional Profile

So here's how you do it -- and this is how my wife loves her coffee. She'll add to the coffee in her cup a healthy fat of choice; she usually chooses coconut manna, or coconut butter. This is really just crushed-up coconut, but it has a sweetness to it that flavors the coffee just a touch.

Most people add something like coconut oil, which is widely available (thought it's easy to make your own coconut butter -- only one ingredient is necessary: shredded coconut!)

In terms of how much, it's a personal preference, but you could start with about a teaspoon. Some people like a full tablespoon. They'll add the coconut oil to the coffee, and then they may add something like grass-fed butter (I recommend Kerrygold or Amish Butter). Probably, you're going to prefer an unsalted version, but that's up to your particular tastes. 

It's not enough to just plop some oil into your mug -- you have to mix it up to make it drinkable.

You can use a handheld immersion blender, a blender like a Vitamix, or a Bullet Blender. If you don't blend it, the oil will sit on top of the coffee, which isn't very appetizing. But when you blend it, it comes out more creamy, and then people really love the taste of it. Plus, you know you're getting the healthy fats.

Another tip? Try adding coconut milk to your coffee.

Choose an organic, full-fat version of coconut milk -- it's the healthiest choice. Be sure to check the ingredient label to ensure there are no unnecessary ingredients. You can also add things like cinnamon to it, or you can even add stevia. My wife has a hazelnut stevia that she will add to the coffee. You can add regular stevia. Some drops of alcohol-free vanilla.

There are a lot of things that you can do to change up your coffee consumption and keep it delicious and healthy at the same time. 

I really encourage you to visit Then, you can get some understanding about the quality coffee that they make and the health benefits to that. And Google “bulletproof coffee recipes.” You'll be able to come up with more ideas that way. 

It's just one of the most effective ways to start off your day with healthy fats, and can be mixed into your other beverages like tea throughout the day. 

Research shows that the antioxidants in coffee are really helpful for us, but just look for the quality brands, and make it even better by trying out various fats that will make your coffee a healthful way to start your day. 

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