Weight Loss Resistance

November 18, 2021

There is a big problem in our society today that I want to talk about: weight loss resistance.

In today's society, it is an epidemic problem. Mostly, weight loss resistance affects women. But more and more men that I'm seeing, no matter how little calories they consume, no matter how much they exercise, they simply have lost the ability to burn fat. 

Just like everything, I have to ask, "What's the cause?"

It's all due to an underlying hormone problem, but it's different than what you might initially think. If you went to the average person and asked them about hormone problems, they'd probably say that it's due to "not having enough hormones." They'd assume a man has low testosterone, or a woman is deficient in estrogen.

I'm not saying that doesn't exist, but it typically is not what the root issue is. Most people are actually dealing with the inability of those hormones to get into the cells of the body and do their job!

It all goes down to the cell level, which is exactly what we do in my practice. Our cells are our foundation. Everything happens at the cell level -- including any dysfunction you have. Whether it's feeling tired all the time or the inability to lose weight, you can trace it back to the cells.

So let's talk a little bit about that. The typical person that we see is a female who is experiencing health problems, most often tied to thyroid health. They have become hormone resistant. 

The hormones in the body that help burn fat, such as T3, the active thyroid hormone, and leptin, which is the master control hormone, can't get into the cell. The membrane of the cell has been damaged by factors such as 

  • Too many bad fats
  • Too much sugar (things like candy, but also carbohydrates that turn into sugar)
  • Too many toxins

Because of these factors, the hormones can't get into the cell. You've created a barrier. There are only two ways you get energy: from carbohydrates, or from fat. 

Most of the people that we see are stuck in sugar-burning mode/carb-burning mode, and that's why they crave carbs. They're going from meal to meal to meal, utilizing carbohydrates as their fuel source, and as a result, their bodies have become pretty bad at tapping into their fat reserves.

How to Become a Fat Burner

So, you have to change this dynamic. You've got to fix the cell. You've got to eliminate toxins. You've got to start eliminating bad fats. Eliminate the sugars. You need to replace the bad fats with good fats because the cell membrane is made of fat, so you want plenty of good fats in the body. 

I know: you've been told time and time again that fat makes you fat. It causes heart disease and other health problems. But I'm telling you, nothing could be further from the truth! 

You have to make a distinction between good and bad fats.

When you put all these factors into play, you can fix your cells and become less hormone resistant. 

There are other benefits, too. For example, if you skip a meal, would you normally get shaky or weak? That's a typical symptom of a sugar-burner. But when you're a fat burner, your body will naturally turn to using your fat stores for energy. 

Each day, I get to hear about success stories from my practice of people who get incredible results from fixing the cell. They might have had hormone issues for decades. But when they address their health on a cellular level, these people can reclaim the normal physiology of the body. It's an exciting thing! 

Here's the bottom line: to beat weight loss resistance, you've got to turn yourself over into a fat burner instead of a sugar burner. You do that by getting rid of sugar, by getting rid of bad fats, by eliminating or finding out where these toxins are in your life, and in reducing them as much as possible. And then you add good fat into a nice, clean diet, and you're going to start to see changes like everybody that we see in our practice.

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