Your Microbiome and Overall Health

November 4, 2021

Let's start by defining a few things. In our gut, we have this internal environment that is made up of what we would call "good bacteria," and "bad bacteria." A balance between the two is integral to our health. Balance for your gut health

We're finding out so much more about how the health of our gut is related to everything in our body, from brain function to energy levels, to the ability to lose weight and digest your food. The list is just endless because it has to do with all parts of us.

These are things we didn't know that long ago, but we're finding out more and more that the balance in this internal environment is playing such a role in our health.

The father of modern medicine, Hippocrates said over 2,000 years ago that he believed all disease begins in the gut. I don't know if that's entirely true, but I know so much of what we see disease-wise today has some relationship to a bad gut. So, we want to make sure our gut is healthy.

How You May Be Damaging Your Gut

So, let's talk about these microorganisms that so many of the patients that I see are deficient in. They're deficient in these things because of the foods that we're eating in large part, antibiotics we've been taking, antibacterial soaps, the chlorine we drink in our water, and the pesticides that we may have in our foods. These things that are designed to kill living things or wiping out our internal environment, really decimating our good bacteria, and they're allowing the bad bacteria to take over.

We need to change that dynamic. If you're having anxiety, if you're having brain fog, energy issues, you have to understand that any solution starts with a healthy gut. You need the ability to digest your food. Even if you're eating a good diet, but you're not able to take advantage of that because your gut is so bad that you're not able to digest and assimilate the good food you're eating, you're not going to get that benefit from those foods.

We want to talk about a couple of things here. But there's two things I want you to understand: prebiotic and probiotic. Most of us have heard about probiotics. These are the actual microorganisms. The good stuff that's in our gut and helps us do all of these good things. A lot of people today are taking probiotics, but I want you to understand something. Man is never going to put into a pill what God provided for us in our food.

The Probiotics You Need

The best probiotics might already been in your kitchen. My four favorite probiotics are raw sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, and kombucha.

When you eat sauerkraut, you have to make sure that it's raw sauerkraut. If it's been cooked, the probiotics, the good bacteria have been destroyed.

Kimchi is a Korean dish. It's kind of similar to sauerkraut in the sense that its base is cabbage, but it tastes different. They have spicy versions of it, but you usually will find this in a health food store. Sauerkraut for gut health

Kefir is something I absolutely love. If you're not sensitive to dairy, making your own kefir is what I really recommend for people who have this abnormal relationship between good and bad bacteria. It's loaded with the good probiotics. I like to start with raw goat's milk. There are all kinds of recipes online. It's so much better than anything you're going to buy in the store if its source is that raw milk to begin with. Organic, grass-fed milk is going to be your absolute best choice. Kefir is super easy to make, and it's super loaded with probiotics.

Kombucha is something a lot of people don't know about. It's a fermented tea. A lot of stores are carrying it now. It comes in different flavors.

Working these four things into your diet are going to provide you with the probiotics that you need to repair a gut when it's been damaged after a lifetime of abuse. 

Don't Forget the Prebiotics

Prebiotics are not that well understood. We hear so much about probiotics, but we don't hear all that much about prebiotics. That doesn't mean you should underestimate the importance of prebiotic foods, however! Let me give you an analogy. Prebiotics for your gut health

You remember the Pac-Man game back in the day where the yellow Pac-Man was eating the dots? Imagine that the Pac-Man is the probiotics, a living organism. The prebiotics would be the dots that the yellow Pac-Man eats. It's the food for the probiotics.

These are the foods here that are most readily-accessible for most people, but just understand that concept that the probiotics eat the prebiotics. So, it's nourishing the probiotics and supporting this healthy environment in our gut.

Some of the prebiotics you can enjoy include raw garlic, raw leeks, asparagus, and onions. You can cook the onions or have them raw.  

In essence, what you really need to understand is that high-fiber foods are going to be good for you from a prebiotic perspective. I hope that helps you guys understand that if you want to fix your gut, you've got to make sure you got the healthy bacteria. But you have to make sure that you have the food that allow the healthy bacteria to thrive. 

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